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The Hand fan was invented, or at least gained widespread popularity, in Asia and as such may be referred to as Asian hand fans. Often made of silk, they can be very impressive to look at. The designs and colors used often make them a favorite of many people. Even those who do not put them to practical use may buy them to use as collectibles.

While the ornate hand fan can be very expensive, most find paper hand fans a better use of their money. While they may not last as long, they are easily replaceable. Collapsible paper fans can also contain a number of designs. As such, they are very popular and very inexpensive keepsakes and may be given out at parties.

The woven hand fan tend to last a bit longer, and may be plain or very ornate as well. Of all the materials they are made out of, palm leaves seem to be a very popular choice. As such, they may be referred to as palm hand fans. The leaves are often dried and browned and processed in such a way that they do not resemble palm leaves at all.

Church Hand Fans

In recent years, church hand fans have also become popular. These fans are usually made of cardboard or some other type of stiff material that is then attached to a piece of wood. The main portion of the fan may have a picture of a church or some other image printed on it. Those using the fans hold them by the piece of wood. They make for good marketing tools as well.

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